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About me

My name is José M. Ozcariz Eizaguirre.

I was born in the city of San Sebastian in Northern Spain. I studied Medicine at the Basque Country University located in Bilbao.

Portrait Jose M. Ozcariz Eizaguirre

After finishing my studies, I decided to move to London where I gained first-hand experience in various areas of medicine.

From 1991 to 1996, I trained in different medical specialities in several hospitals and practices. After finishing my training, I started working as a General Practitioner in London. 

Simultaneously, I obtained the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine as well as the Diploma in Family Planning.

private doctor for the family

In December 1999, I settled with my Austrian wife in Vienna. Two years later, I opened my own practice.

Being registered as Arzt für Allgemeinmedizin or Praktischer Arzt, I am familiarized with the Austrian health services and the way the Austrian health system works.

I am fluent in Spanish, English, and German and offer consultation, medical reports and certificates in any of those languages. 

Stethoscope Jose M. Ozcariz Eizaguirre

In view of my experience, I have a good understanding of the problems patients face when visiting a doctor in a foreign country. Difficulties in understanding how the local health care system works might occur but also patient’s expectations towards doctors might be different. I hope that my experience and command of languages will help patients to overcome these difficulties.