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My prime and only interest is to give patients the best possible medical attention and care. I offer quality and independent medical advice and treatment. I do not have any conflict of interest with institutions, pharmaceutical companies, colleagues or private hospitals.

I work privately or as „Wahlarzt“ for the different State Insurances or “Kassen”(WGKK, etc).

The patients’ list of Private or Wahlarzt doctors is normally smaller. This means for patients:

• possibility of getting an appointment on short notice. Usually on the same or following day for acute problems. Flexibility with appointments. Home visits.
• minimal waiting time in the surgery premises.
• more time given to take the medical history and to perform clinical examinations.
• more time taken to discuss health issues and change of habits (smoking).
• individualised care, more satisfaction.


Many of my patients work for international organisations, companies or embassies and have private cover or insurances.
I work together with some embassies and organisations, and give them medical advice / support when they need it. I also organise vaccination campaigns (influenza and tick born encephalitis) for their personal and relatives at their premises.

I am HEALTH PROVIDER for different (private) international insurances like Van Breda, Allianz, Cigna, etc. After years working in Vienna, I was invited to join their health providers’ lists and signed a contract with them. They appreciate how I work and find my fees reasonable.

You will find my name in different lists of recommended doctors of different organisations and websites: VIC (IAEA), OSCE, Virtual Vienna, international schools and many embassies: Australian, South African, American embassy, and of course, most of the Spanish speaking ones.

I give patients a bill or “Honorarnote” at the end of the consultation. Extra examinations like ECG or special tests will be charged extra. Patients pay me at the end of the consultation and claim the money back by sending the fee note or “Honorarnote” to their insurance.

It works equally with all other doctors, laboratories, radiological institutes, etc. Patients with private insurances can visit any laboratory, radiologist, hospital (private or public) or doctor they wish. Some private insurances have direct billing contracts with some institutions or hospitals. Ask your own insurance and / or check their list of health providers.


(Austria has more than 20 different state health insurances, they are called Kassen. WGKK is the biggest). Doctor (Arzt), who works directly with the Kassen, is called KASSENARZT (Arzt mit allen Kassen).

The Wahlarzt, or doctor of election, works without a contract with the Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse (WGKK) or other Kassen. You see and pay them privately. A part of the money paid can be claimed from the Krankenkasse, provided that you have not seen and will not see another „Praktischer Arzt mit Kassen“ within the same three months. Many Austrians also choose this modality.

For claiming the money from the Krankenkasse, you have to send my fee note (enter your bank details), and the bank receipt (if you transfer your money) to:
WGKK, Wahlarztverrechnung, Wienerbergstr. 15–19, 1100-Wien
If you have other Kassen, send my note to its address under Wahlarztverrechnung.

I have a contract with the WGKK and other Kassen to perform a medical check or Vorsorgeuntersuchung. This exam is paid by them every 12 months.

In other ways, you will benefit from the same services (laboratory tests, X-Rays, prescriptions, etc) that are normally provided by the WGKK without extra cost. My forms are accepted directly by most laboratories, radiological institutes, etc (I will tell you which ones) and equivalent to forms from the WGKK or other Kassen. If you wish to go to a different establishment, ask them whether they accept Wahlarzt forms. Otherwise, you have to go to your nearest WGKK office and request authorisation or “Bewilligung”.

You can visit a specialist with Kassen with the E card. Hospital´s out–patients departments ask normally for a referral form or “Überweisung. I will give you one.

Sick certificate or „Krankenmeldung“should be taken to your WGKK. It will be replaced by the official sick certificate which you have to take to your employer. Alternatively, we can fax it to the WGKK and they will contact your employer directly.
Other Kassen accept my sick certificate directly.

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Last Update 01/27/2013