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Medical Examination
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Many private insurance schemes cover medical / physicals checks or preventive examinations. Contact your own insurance to find out details.

What does a private medical examination include?

• Taking a full medical history. Vaccination status.
• Full medical examination.
• Blood test: haematology, ESR, liver and renal function, cholesterol / tryglicerides, TSH. Depending on your age, sex and medical history: hormonal test, PSA, etc.
• Urine test.
• Test for faecal occult blood.

According to your age, sex, fitness, etc, this basic medical examination could be complemented with:

• Exercise ECG or stress test.
• Echocardiogram.
• Chest X ray.
• Colonoscopy.
• Mammography.
• Bone densitometry

For these last tests I will refer you to specialists of my confidence.

The Austrian Health Service recommends a preventive health examination – called a Gesunden- or Vorsorgeuntersuchung. This examination takes approximately half an hour. It consists of medical anamnesis and full medical examination. I will refer to a lab to have a blood test (Cholesterol, HDL- Cholesterol, CHOL/HDL ratio, Triglycerides, Gamma GT, Blood Glucose) and urine test, test for faecal occult blood (in over 50´s). You may need an extra appointment to discuss the results.

These tests are free of charge once a year (12 months after the previous one) if you are insured with the Kassen (WGKK or other). It is mandatory that you complete the full medical check (including blood test). This is an opportunity to know me and also to ask about actual medical problems or health worries.
Contact me by email to make a special appointment.

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