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For out of normal working hours emergencies, you can call my cellular 0664 446 60 50 (leave a message if mailbox connected) I will be happy to attend your call, if I am available, and if necessary, to visit you at home.
I do not provide night cover. Vienna emergency services are very good.

Acute medical emergencies (acute shortness of breath, accidents, chest pain, unconsciousness, etc): Doctor / Ambulances -“Rettung”: Call tel. 144

Emergency phone consultations – “Ärztefunkdienst”.
For acute, not life threatening situations. Call Tel.: 141
Monday to Friday 19.00 - 07.00. Weekends Friday from 19.00 till Monday 07.00
For more information , see under in Medical Council Vienna.
Open consultations weekends 08:00 – 20:00:
1150 Wien, Pillergasse 20

Hospitals – "Spital, Krankenhaus"
If you have private cover, you can go to any hospital. Public hospitals do also treat private patients. In general, they deal better with emergencies. Just keep in mind: public hospitals in Austria are to the best standards.

The following list of emergency departments of public hospitals (Notfall- or Aufnahmestation) is based on my own and my patients´ experience. There are other hospitals that provide good medical care.

For Trauma / Accidents (children or adults):
Unfallkrankenhaus Lorenz Böhler
1200 Donaueschingenstrasse 13
Tel. 331 10 - 0
This hospital deals exclusively with trauma and accidents.

Other emergency departments (except Allgemeines Krankenhaus) will refer you to this hospital in case of injury.

Children´s Emergencies:
St. Anna Kinderspital
1090, Kinderspitalgasse 6
Tel. 401 70 / 227 DW
Only for children, sometimes a bit crowded.

(Mautner Markhof'sches Kinderspital in der) Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung
1030 Wien, Juchgasse 25
Paediatric emergencies: access Boerhaavegasse 13 / Ground floor right
Tel: 711 65 / 2611 DW

Abteilung für Kinder- und Jugenheilkunde mit Infektionskrankheiten
1160, Montleartstrasse 37
Tel. 491 50 - 0
They take special interest in the care of children and teens with acute infections and imported (tropical) infections.

Donauspital im SMZ OST – Kinderambulanz
1220 Wien, Langobardenstraße 122
Tel. 28 802 / 4350 DW

Adults Emergencies:
Emergency departments of hospitals deal with acute and severe problems.

Previously mentioned hospitals (except St. Anna Kinderspital) also have an emergency department for adults. Other interesting hospitals:

SMZ Sud: Kaiser Franz Josef – Spital
4. Med. Abteilung mit Infektions- und Tropenmedizin
Kundratstrasse 3
Tel. 601 91 - 0
This department specialises in tropical medicine and infectious diseases: fever, diarrhoea, malaria, pneumonia, meningitis, HIV, hepatitis, etc. It is the best department for infectious disease in Vienna. The hospital has an emergency department.

Allgemeines Krankenhaus – University Hospital
1090 Währinger Gürtel 18 – 20
Tel. 404 00 - 0
It is a good tertiary hospital and the largest of Austria, but sometimes failing to provide the best human contact to patients.

Some private hospitals have on-call doctors and the material and human resources to deal with acute problems.

Krankenhaus der Barmherzingen Brüder
1020, Große Mohrengasse 9-13
Tel. 211 21 -0

Dental Emergencies:
Call Tel 5122078

On call Pharmacies:
ORF Teletext page 648 (Apotheken/Nachdienstapotheke)

Other sources of information:

Telephone directory: Doctors under “Ärzte”, Hospitals under “Krankenhaus”.

Medical council Vienna
• In Praxisplan - List of doctors
You can select language, speciality, district, etc.
• In Hotlines& Patientinfo
- Aerztefunkdienst 141
- Patient’s service: Information help-line for patients
- Nacht /Wochenenddienste Zahnaerzte – on-call dentist or call 512 20 78
- Ihr Kind ist krank – your child is ill.
- Selbsthilfegruppen
- Service-Hotline for foreigner patients. Tel 513 95 95
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