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Doctor for the whole family

My objective is to practice a medicine for the whole family as I learned it in the English health system. This includes childrens´ health, medical examinations/checks (for prevention, work or insurances, etc), community psychiatry, family planning and travel medicine and vaccinations. I can make arrangements to refer you to a specialist as necessary.

Apart from the normal examinations, I can perform in my practice the following investigations: ECG, peak expiratory flow rate meter, 24-hours blood pressure monitoring, pregnancy test, blood sugar test, urine chemical analysis, test for faecal occult blood, quick test for influenza, mononucleosis, strep. A, helicobacter pylori and troponin.

I pay special attention to health promotion and the importance of maintaining a healthy life style as a way of preventing physical or mental illness. I will give you advice about your diet, physical exercise, relaxation and how to quit smoking.

I know how difficult it is to take in all the information given during a consultation. I like to complement it with some written information to take home. For an example, click on the left side on Flu, TBE, etc..

In view of my experience, I have a good understanding of the problems faced by patients when they visit a doctor in a foreign country. There are difficulties in understanding the local health care system and also cultural differences in patients´ expectations and in the ways doctors work. I hope that my experience and command of languages will help patients to overcome these difficulties.

I work together with doctors, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, labs, etc who are also used to work in different languages. Some of them are foreigners themselves.

When I refer you to a specialist physician or hospital, I will provide you with a detailed referral letter explaining your medical condition or problem.

I work indistinctly in English, German or Spanish and can provide you with medical reports or certificates in these languages. I also perform medical checks and fill in medical questionnaires asked for by insurance companies or employers. I provide the “Gesundheitszeugnis”, that is the medical certificate requested by the Austrian government in order to obtain a Visa.

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Last Update 01/27/2013